Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I wrote this March 13, 1993 - 'FOR THE COMING SNOW'

Is there a star with many points
stuck to my weathered hat?
Upon my nose a few clustered, and I just
went trudging to find
my cat.
Following its foot-prints; light upon that silver fluff
The stars at midnight, sparkled over me
and the shadows of the moon trailed me
as I walked along the bluff
In the night I tripped over decaying trees
toppled - bent - some standing with the burden
of this late-night flurry
when a faint 'meow' from a distance sent
my footsteps - quickly did I hurry
for my furry friend
and if I must sum this up in a word
it was this little frail kitten of mine
found a few days earlier
it was this voice
My adopted friend had sneaked out 3 hours earlier
scampered quickly away
and I was packing up to leave; unable to pay the rent,
I had to move the very next day
I thought it absurd to cry - absurd, and I stopped - smiling
when I HEARD
I also saw in my mind's eye
my computer's cursor blinking - it idled after I ran outside - crying; oh my little friend...
why, oh why, oh why
and then I again, began to
As I race toward the sound, words start to flood my mind;
they all rhyme - such a strange time, and yet I
run - then walk - in the chill of that lonely night,
I'm now focused only
on that little kitten's plight
Why am I thinking about elephants - some type of tacky packy derm
and wonder if this is an elephant about which I'm supposed to speak
...no, it is the kitten - and now my legs are growing weak
This night - it's cold; chilling - damp
one would call it 'bleak'
Then I find my shivering, frightened cat
now I hold him against my cheek
Suddenly he purrs - we're back, and he's upon my lap
and I type quickly, this simple poem
I hold my half-frozen friend - typing; and he's quietly
'til the small pan in the kitchen
upon the stove
makes that small cup of milk
so perfectly