Friday, March 21, 2008


Just thinking....
By Diane
June 11, 2007
(in memory of George W. Riley, who died this day - 1977)
Some think it to be a concession;
If they show compassion; with near-obsession,
They punish...neglect
(because their life is 'wrecked)
Or jealous - thinking they're being in some way abused....
Mis-used - oh many can conjure up
Nearly any reason
And with each season
The calendar turns
And their hatred earns
Them another month of self-pity;
Selfishness - hating the 'nitty-gritty'....
Holding to old arguments; complaints
...laments that soul who can't forgive
So on and and on they continue to live
And if they can 'buy' themselves enough
'joy' and material possessions
They won't have to make
I wonder if it should be called 'confessions'
And if we'd remember that old adage
That says to 'forgive and to forget'
...a compound request, some don't seem to see it quite yet...
I think the heart has to love
In order to forgive;
Then the part about forgetting
Comes only when you
To me, that thought makes sense to me
At this point-in-time...
Even tho' the words I just wrote, don't carry
The proper 'rhythm'
With my previous attempt to rhyme.
Still, if a poem rhymes but has no reason
And there are many reasons that aren't
Written in rhyme,
I wonder....
Hmmmm - I ponder,
And ask: "Will some of us
run out of time?"
Or will we continue just to 'run'
...simply focus on what we call
Fixate on what we deem success
and soothe our actions
by simply calling this world
'a mess'....?
What is a mess, but simply our opinion
...a conclusion - viewpoint; in our world
of 'one'
over which we have dominion...
But, if each world of one perceives itself as bearing no debt; no obligation - always right...correct
Correct me, I said to me - and stay as correct
as I can be....
Don't base how I live on the way others do; help
me to forgive....
...Let me learn that that's when I will 'forget'...
Let me remember each day, and not fret...
Were it not for others whose kindness has shown me
That 'tolerance'; 'understanding' - common
All gifts from those who have this forgiving love
within their heart
and allowed me to remember if I've stopped.
And when and where, I again should start....
For 'GJR' - Mr. Riley....stern; honest - and
'very wily'....
intelligent; resourceful ...yet struck with
George's 'sharp tongue'...
....yes, many of us got 'hung'...
....but each time I dangled on my own mistake
each time Mr. Riley scolded me...I would take
...a second look - and I'd see
Mr. Riley only wanted to 'improve' on 'me'!
So with eyes wide awake - early morning; today,
For my own sake....
I remembered years ago - praying....
...."if I should die before I wake"...
When it hit me within the blink of an eye:
that: "I should wake before I die!"
Diane Stirling-Stevens.