Friday, March 21, 2008


Now, when one writes such a 'bad' Christmas poem (only for fun) one must 'get serious'. So, this was my thought at Christmas, 2007.

The picture of life is completely laid out.
The picture of life is like a landscape; all the elements are in the picture, but it seems humans must have 'holidays' so they can focus on the good things.
The camera pans back, and we see the big picture.
If we get 'lost' in the big picture; feel afraid, or lonely, we make up Gods and holidays so we can cling to something....we focus!
Humans 'zero in' on parts of the picture that make them feel warm; happy, and safe.

Christmas is ALWAYS part of the landscape; it can be celebrated at any time - all the time, not just in a 48-hour period.
On December 24, we wake up - something is supposed to be 'different' - this difference carries us until December 26 when we wake up and everything is back to the sameness we felt on December 23.
The spirit of Christmas is resident year-round; it is a thought process that makes us aware of the joy of life, and those we love.
We do NOT have to spend lots of money; travel great distances, and put our financial state into a disarray just to show others we 'love them'.
We do not have to make this 'trek' to 'love' and the feeling of warmth from others when we can do simple things throughout the year, to exchange and feel that
CONSTANT love that should be for all - not just a selected few.
Possibly the reason for the Christ to be born, was because this individual would remind those around him, how important it was/is to keep that feeling of good-will towards others, a 'constant' - something that doesn't 'live or die' during the better part of any given year, or time-period.
We can BE Christmas - we can choose to exude kindness, and become aware of those in our lives...we can understand the human condition, and contribute positively to it.

There's probably more I could 'think about', but for now, this is the 'essence' of what my thoughts were - no doubt, some of this thinking has come to your mind as well. Happy 'thinking'....