Friday, March 21, 2008


January 27, 2008

Where are my plastered walls;
What is this 'cardboard' stuff?
Oh how I hate this 'west-coast' construction
Ceilings finished with this 'flaky stuff!"
My, oh my - I miss those solid walls
How I miss the brick and pillars
Now I live in this condo' cube
Where holes (once drilled) are full of fillers!
So, what did I do when I set up the desk;
The computer and phone were in place
I used locking screws to hold up the shelves

...had my little office - my tiny 'home-base'
Not basing a business - no more in my home;
Retired (and tired) ...I sat down on my tush
Letters; photos - cards came flooding in
And each time they were saved, because I could 'push'...
...Into those cardboard walls; painted so fresh
A collage of memories have I collected
Now I look at this corner; feel calm and refreshed in my life - now reflected.

Crinkled - wrinkled (yes, some of them are)
But I keep them all posted where they landed
When too many showed up; no space left to to display
I bought plastic boxes; kissed the cards - and with rubber loops
...they're now banded.

Today my mother said it was snowing so hard;
Too cold to get out in the snow
So mom went to the basement - sat on a crate
Went through all her memory boxes; saying
"Some of this stuff has to go!"
But when mom looked through the pile
Mom put back all that she'd sorted
Yes, mission was accomplished
When her mission was aborted!

Written and copyright protected by Diane Stirling-Stevens for herself, and her mother:

Marie Isabel Van Vranken Rambow - 2008.